How Things Work

Tools I will not use to edit your copy.

Tools I will not use to edit your copy.


Everything should be double spaced in a twelve-point serif font like Cambria or Times New Roman. Please. My eyes can only take so much.

 Copy Editing

This includes correcting the basics, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. If it’s a novel, I’ll offer suggestions on plot and character inconsistencies, and edit sentence and paragraph structure. The fee is $2.50 per double-spaced page.

Sample Copy Editing

If you want to see my work before sending the entire manuscript (smart shopping), just send the first 10 pages for complete copyediting. Twenty-five dollars up front.

If you’re happy with your manuscript, but just need someone else to make sure you’ve crossed all your “I”s and dotted your “T”s, I can give your work a final edit for typos, grammar, punctuation and spelling, Proofreading is $1.25 per page.

When Can You Have It Back?
I try to have manuscripts edited and returned within two to three weeks of submission. This depends on timing and the amount of editing your manuscript needs. If you want it sooner, I charge extra for speed. Ask me at:

When you agree to my services, I require half the fee when you send the manuscript, and the other half when you receive the edited manuscript. I accept payments through PayPal (

How I Do Things the Rad Way
Send me your manuscript digitally in Microsoft Word. I use Track Changes so you can see my edits and comments.

You take care of the writing. I’ll take care of the editing.

Let’s get rad.

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